Are dogs allowed on the campsite?

We love dogs and are happy if your four-legged friend accompanies you. 

We kindly ask you

  • register the dog with us at the reception, also with chip number if desired
  • be considerate of our other guests: Leashes are compulsory on the entire site.
  • please keep your dog away from other people's pitches;
  • remove your dog's waste from the entire grounds immediately.

Dogs are not allowed in the petting zoo area so as not to subject our furry and feathered friends to unnecessary stress.

The campsite is largely surrounded by forest. This can be highly interesting for one or the other sniffer. Please make absolutely sure here that your dog does not go hunting and cause harm to itself and the wild animals living here. Thank you very much!

Why is water and electricity not available for free on site?

Albert Einstein is said to have once remarked that "what costs nothing is worth nothing". 

Whether this really comes from the mouth of genius remains to be seen. However, for reasons of sustainability, we have decided to price these two valuable resources in order to give them some weight and to encourage our guests, as well as ourselves, to save. We hope for your understanding and are always happy to hear about ingenious ideas to conserve our resources a little more. 

Are there rules for children on the pitch?

Yes, above all we want the children to enjoy being with us. 

However, we ask that you, as a supervisor, do not leave children under the age of seven unattended.

Especially in the area of the petting zoo, caution and, above all, consideration towards the animals is required. Please go to the animals together with your children.  

From when to when is the campsite open?

We aim to open the Camping Resort Bayerwald all year round. Once the facility is complete, there will be a number of attractions to get you in the holiday mood at any time of the year.